Anti-Stress Treatment





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Anti-Stress Treatment

We also offer TRIPLE WAVE treatments focusing on Stress Relief, Body Rejuvination, Sleep Enhancement, Detoxification and Energy Increase.  In these 45 minute sessions the patients receive a combination of the following natural treatment modalities:


1) Far Infrared Rays,   2) Negative Ions, 3) Quantum Resonance System (Healing with Magnetism) 4) Alpha-Stim and 5) Binaural waves.




This treatment combines the benefits of the latest breakthrough in:  Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy,  Far Infrared Technology  and  Healing with Negative Ions


Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

 PMFT is patented world wide and the result of 25 years of scientific research.  You rest in a field of very low frequency magnetic waves that are electronically pulsed to penetrate deeply into the body, promoting efficient function of cells.   These magnetic fields speeds recovery from exercise, stress, pain and injuries. The treatment also promotes relaxation, enhances sleep, increases energy, improves blood circulation, oxygenation and strengthens the immune system. Many professional athletes sleep in these fields to enhance performance. 


Far Infrared Rays

 FIR’s penetrate much deeper into the body than other heating devices.  It’s like gently being warmed up from inside out.  The result is a deep healing effect that improves circulation and reduces blood pressure, decreases joint stiffness, releases muscle stress and tension, helps detoxify the body, improves tissue oxygenation and produces faster recovery from injuries.


Negative Ion Therapy
Negative Ions are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons in their nucleus.  Ions, both negative and positive, are naturally occurring in the environment. Pollution and stress causes a loss of electrons in the blood, meaning a surplus of Positively Charged Ions (i.e. free radicals).  This will slow down cell metabolism, weaken cells and cause the body’s immune system to shut down.  Ultimately the body will get sick more easily and age faster.     These positive ions can be neutralized by an influx of Negative Ions (i.e.) Negative Ion Therapy.  Negative ions counter the effects of free radicals.  And so NIT is like having your whole body in a field of Anti-oxidants. Besides boosting the immune system, Negative ions are mostly known for their healing and calming effects on the nervous system, allergies and germ reduction.  They also have far reaching effects on mood, pain relief and sexual drive.  




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