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Dr-MDr. Middelthon

From the young age of 11, Dr. Christian Middelthon was a competitive track athlete and soccer player interested in and curious about how exercise and eating specific foods affected his body's performance optimally.  Growing up in a natural, “Viking-like” environment in Norway, he had an affinity for healing through lifestyle changes and natural methods.  As far back as he can remember, Dr. Middelthon knew intrinsically that whatever profession he ultimately chose to pursue, it needed to include an emphasis on fitness, health, nutrition and overall well being.

In 1988, Dr. Middelthon joined Norway's elite military unit, the Norwegian Special Forces, where maximum fitness and premiere performance was the expectation. Known to be one of the most prestigious and rigorous military units in the world, it was sometimes dubbed Viking Special Forces. (It is no coincidence that Dr. Middelthon's weight loss website address is www.vikinghealth.net.)  His experience in the Special Forces unit led him to experimenting with various food sources to determine what made him most resilient to mental and physical stress, and furthermore, establish which foods would result in his body's reaching its peak physical condition.

Subsequently, Dr. Middlethon switched gears as he worked a few years as a fashion model in Europe, doing clothing campaigns for Versace and Valentino.  During this time it was critical for him to look and feel his healthiest due to the crazy long hours and the industry's harsh demands. It was at this juncture Dr. Middelthon embarked on his health and well being journey of determining how different foods groups affect a person, both inside and out. Inspired by, and after mastering the concepts in Harvey Diamond's book “Fit for Life,” Dr. Middelthon became the “go-to" guy for many model colleagues wanting to improve their diet and wellness. Finally realizing his life-long, unwavering and genuine interest in health, Dr. Middelthon, decided to officially pursue the study of Psychology, Health and Wellness.  After receiving his Bachelors Degree at Blindern University of Oslo, Norway, he impressively completed a two year Pre-Med program at the University of Odense in Denmark in only 1 year.  Ultimately Dr. Middelthon chose to pursue Chiropractic studies with a focus on nutrition as his initial career path. 

He earned his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and after a few years of practicing as a house call doctor in Los Angeles, he found himself entrenched in the world of acting.  Securing a role in the feature film, “Dude, Where is My Car?” Dr. Middelthon found an opportunity on set to turn a star wagon into a treatment room and began Chiropractic treatment for the producers of the movie, all the while preparing for his own role.  What ignited his fire about the acting training was that he was actually studying human behavior, more specifically active psychology. And the knowledge he gleaned from this experience helped him authentically relate and connect even more dynamically with his patients.

Over the years Dr. Middelthon has helped countless patients in his Chiropractic/Physiotherapy practice. Drawing on his experience of treating a wide variety of people, in their homes, connecting one-on-one, he gained clarity about what most people really need.  Fast forward to the day a Chiropractic patient came to his office, frightened she might not live much longer due to uncontrollable high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Using his knowledge both from studying health and sciences and from his lifelong personal quest for optimum health, Dr. Middelthon guided and nurtured the patient through a simple and healthy weight loss program during which she quickly lost 30 lbs, became educated in the realm of nutrition and wellness, established healthy eating habits, and elatedly expressed, "Dr. Middelthon you helped save my life!" 

Dr. Middelthon found it surprising that simply altering one’s eating habits could have such a profound physical, and in turn, emotional effect on people’s lives leading to hugs, tears, and gratitude.  Motivated by this cathartic experience and to supplement his knowledge in the field of nutrition, Dr. Middelthon studied at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and for the past 6 years, he has been helping hundreds of patients lose weight and improve their health, wellness, nutrition and appearance. Some patients have been able to reverse their diabetes. And patients taking medication for blood sugar, high cholesterol or high blood pressure have been able to reduce their dosage, and in many cases, come off their medication entirely. Dr. Middelthon finally found his calling. 

Today his mission is to educate and guide men, women and children  through a natural and simple, yet extremely powerful transformational process resulting in his clients becoming the most empowered and healthiest version of themselves, both mentally and physically.

According to Dr. Middelton, “Seeing is believing. When a patient sees physical changes, while simultaneously educated about the relationship between food and health, it's indelibly etched in their psyche, and they become acutely aware day to day of the choices they make and of the fact that it actually does matter what you eat. It matters a great deal. Patients are often surprised by how drastically and quickly their body changes. They are living proof “You are what you eat."  And for Dr. Christian Middelthon, "it’s a joy and a privilege to empower, acknowledge and be part of their transformational journey to weight loss and wellness.”



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