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Exclusive Chiropractic “The One-Stop-Healing Shop”      
 We are evolving to better suit your busy schedules and financial needs.

Exclusive Chiropractic Specials:
The Introduction
Initial Physical Exam and History
(30 min)

Purpose: Get to know you and your body.  Analyze your posture and determine what exercise and treatments will best suit you.


The Preventative Tune-up
Chiropractic Adjustment
(10 min)
Purpose: Promote a Healthy Spine and slow down Spinal Degeneration.



The Vitality Booster
Chiropractic Adjustment + Ear Acupuncture + Triple wave

Purpose: promote a healthy spine, reduce stress and boost internal energy systems. (Detoxifies, boosts immune system, increases blood oxygen, lubricates joints, rejuvenates cells, delays aging, enhances sleep and balances hormones).  Recommended for anyone living a hectic lifestyle.

The Complete
Chiropractic Adjustment + 45 Min Massage OR 2 Therapy Modalities
Purpose: Relieve back soreness/ stiffness/ pain or sports injuries.  Treatment frequencies vary with individual’s condition.



The Exclusive
Chiropractic Adjustment + 1 Hr Massage + 2 Therapy Modalities
Purpose: Accelerate the healing process.  Relieve back soreness/ stiffness/ pain or sports injuries. Treatment frequency varies with the individual’s condition. 



The Ultimate
In Home Chiropractic Adjustment + Treatment Modalities
(60 min)
Purpose: Enjoy Adjustment/ Treatment in the privacy of your own home. Relieve back soreness/ stiffness/ pain or sports injuries.  Accelerate the healing process.  Treatment frequency varies with the individual’s condition.  

1) Ultrasound    2) Muscle Stim    3) Cold Laser   4) Far Infra Red Heat 5) Cryo-therapy   6) Postural Exercises  7) Lumbar/Cervical Traction     8) Trigger Point Therapy   9) Sports Injury Rehab.


The following Therapy Modalities below are specifically designed to balance your energy and are great for Stress Reduction, Tension, Headaches, Insomnia and “Burn Out Syndrome.”

1)   Ear Acupuncture/ Auricular Therapy
Acupuncture of the ear using Micro Current instead of needles.
2)   Triple Wave
A combination of Pulsed Magnetism, Alpha Stim/ Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays.
NOTE:  Most Modalities listed have a treatment time of 20 minutes.  Some can be done in conjunction with each other, thus you could be treated with 2 or 3 Modalities at the same time.
*Discounts and Packages available for multiple treatments.



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